Main activity

Core Facility Genomics (CFG) offers genomic analysis service and access to up-to-date genomic instrumentation. Main technologies available at the facility are massively parallel sequencing (Illumina), Nanopore sequencing, microarrays and high-throughput & digital PCR. Through cooperation with CEITEC Center of Molecular Medicine it is possible to access other instrumentation – cell sorter, flow cytometers or Laser Capture Microdissection.

Access modes

CF Genomics supports different modes of access – full service including sample preparation, sequencing service with customer supplied libraries or self-operated instrument access. For the self-operated mode the users must undergo training organized by CFG, instruments are reserved through CEITEC booking system. Before ordering services for the first time, please contact us for details.


CFG standard services include sample quality control, sequencing library preparation from DNA (whole genome sequencing, exome/panel sequencing, ChIP-seq etc.) or RNA (gene expression, transcriptome sequencing). More details about offered services.


CFG provides access to various instrumentation for Next-gen sequencing, qPCR, digital PCR, NGS library preparation, sample and library QC and flowcytometry. We can arrange access to instrumentation at our partner labs.


We acknowledge the CF Genomics CEITEC MU supported by the NCMG research infrastructure (LM2018132 funded by MEYS CR) for their support with obtaining scientific data presented in this paper.