Sample and library QC

Sample quality is one of the most important limiting factors for successful library preparation. It should be never omitted and more methods should be employed to get the relevant information.

To determine the integrity and/or length distribution of your samples  we offer electrophoresis on Agilent Tapestation (Genomic DNA, PCR products) or Fragment Analyzer (RNA, PCR products), other types of samples may be analyzed with user provided kits. For quantification, spectrophotometer (Nanodrop, plate reader) or fluorimeter (Qubit, plate reader) is available.

Libraries are usually measured and quantified by electrophoresis (Tapestation, Fragment Analyzer), qPCR (KAPA library quantification kit), fluorimetry (Qubit or plate reader) and/or spectrophotometry (Nanodrop, plate reader). Combination of methods is strongly recommended.