CFG Services

Majority of CF Genomics services is related to Next Generation (Massively Parallel) Sequencing (NGS, MPS). It includes sample and library quality control (details/link), sequencing library preparation (details/link) and sequencing (details/link).

As a complimentary method, we employ single molecule sequencing platform (Oxford Nanopore MinION) for genome assembly, metagenomics and rapid sequencing.

In cooperation with Research groups from Center of Molecular Medicine we provide service, training and access to flow cytometry equipment (cell sorter, flow cytometers, MACS, microdissection).

We provide consultations, training and service for methods available on installed equipment – microarrays, capillary sequencing, pipetting robot, qPCR, high-throughput qPCR, digital PCR. Our capacity for these services is limited and we prefer self-service mode after training.

Core facility can serve as a technological platform for organization of a workshop, with collaboration with various suppliers and application specialists. We can support an organization of such an event upon request.

Users can choose to bring their own reagents and consumables or buy it directly from the core facility as a part of service.